Dr. Tinus van Wyngaardt, Dr. Linda van Deventer & Associates

Medical Doctors with a special interest in Cosmetic Dermatology & Aesthetic Medicine

Non-surgical rejuvenation of the face, neck, décolletage and other areas.

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Durbanville, Cape Town

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About Us

We are medical professionals who offer carefully selected non-surgical treatments, such  as Botulinum toxin, fillers, micro needling/Collagen Induction Therapy, mesotherapy, chemical peels. light based therapies and various others that are considered non- invasive and  therefore involve minimal discomfort and no time off work. These treatments are designed to provide a gradual improvement to the quality of your skin and overall appearance.


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Botulinum Toxin (Know as Botox / Dysport, etc)

Fillers (Various Hyaluronc Acid Fillers and brands)

Eye-lift (non-surgical blepharoplasty)

DermaRoller / Microneedling / Collagen induction therapy


Chemical Peel


PRP and Stem Cell Therapy

Scar Treatment

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When comparing Botox ®, Dysport and other  prices, it is important to consider a few things like the number of units you will be receiving if they quote per area and if they charge per unit that they will inject just enough units to get the optimal result. Someone might quote less per unit, but then inject more than what is needed, and you end up paying more.  It is best to compare ‘apples with apples’ and make sure the results are what you desire. If sub-optimal doses are given, either too much or too little, the result will not be good. It is more important to select a practitioner that you feel comfortable with and discuss your budget with him/her and plan the best results within you budget. Look for a doctor with formal training in Aesthetic medicine / dermatology - eg Advanced Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine or Post Graduate Certificate in Cosmetic Dermatology (currently the only two formal qualifications in South Africa), etc. Some practitioners complete 1-2 day informal training and then compete with price per unit, etc to enter the market and get enough patients to gain experience - never base you decision to have a procedure only on price, firstly look at the qualifications and practitioner - an experienced doctor can often give you better results with less products (just as more or less paint are not the only factors affecting a painting, but rather the skill of the artist!)


"Dr Van Wyngaardt really understood my concerns and the results were astonishing. I wouldn’t go to anyone else" - Jennifer (age 38), Cape Town

"My frown lines and crows feet had been bothering me for ages. Many salons nearby were offering Botox, but I needed a doctor I could trust. I feel really comfortable with Dr Tinus and would recommend him to anyone" - Marsha (age 36), Durbanville

"Dr Van Wyngaardt asked me to dig out some old photos from when I looked my best. He explained exactly how my face had changed and used his signature Non-Surgical Facelift to put the volume back and reduce wrinkles. It was like a facelift in a syringe and I couldn’t be happier" - Anne-Marie (age 53) Bloubergstrand

"I’ve always wanted to have fuller lips but have been put off by some of the horror stories. Dr Van Wyngaardt took the time to allay my fears and gave me a soft natural beautiful look" - Kate (age 31), Cape Town

"I live in Langebaan and found it difficult finding an anti-aging specialist nearby. I found Dr Tinus van Wyngaardt to be caring, knowledgeable and excellent with my treatments. I’m more than happy to travel 2 hours to see him" - Carol (age 40), Langebaan
































































































































































































































































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